Happy couples make me sick.
They’re everywhere, in school, at the bus stop, on TV.
Even on myspace they seem to find me
When you find a cute guy who has a big picture of a chick
With a tongue ring and a banner that says, “My Baby!!!!”
Makes me sick.
One girl in my class wouldn’t stop flashing her ring and talking about
Her engagement.
Me, I’m single and bitter, and I live in a basement.
I guess I could put a stop to it, and start dating, and quit my bitching
But remember: It’s better to be single and horny, than satisfied and itchy.
I want true love, like in the pages of a book,
The type that sets on your fire with a touch or a look
But true love hasn’t found me, at least not yet
And I’d rather be alone than with someone I regret.
So I write these words to those who have what I haven’t
Who parade their love like an effortless talent.
Be happy, be joyous, be free,
But please, respect the single, and don’t do it around me.