We all dream of superheroes,
of those masked men, and sometimes women,
whose sole desire is to save us, to catch us when we fall,
to set us free.
The superhero is the one who,
during Act Two, Scene Three,
will appear just in time to give you the happy ending you’ve always wanted.
They’re the ones who have all the answers
and know all the secrets to your soul.
The ones who know exactly how you like to be kissed.
But Superheroes don’t exist.
They will reach no further than the glossy pages of
DC and Marvel or the silver screen.
I think all my life I’ve been waiting for my superhero to show up.
To kiss me. To love me. To save me.
To set me free.
But this time I will not wait for some one else.
This time, finally, I will save myself.