My name is Andrea Obaez, eyeliner lover, cookie-demolisher and occasional pen thief.

A long, long time ago we now know as the 90’s, I  was given the opportunity to write as a student contributor for The Hartford Courant, the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States. 

The opportunity came to me through a school counselor, who noted my talent and passion for writing.  I loved that paper, and spent every Friday night in that news office throughout my senior year. That summer, I was awarded a  first-time summer internship as a Courant staff writer, and spent those three months being trained by and shadowing some of the best that The Courant and The Associated Press had to offer.

This blog was originally born out of a need to save my work somewhere I could always find it. I stopped writing as actively in college, and switched majors from Professional and Technical Writing to Social Work. I also had a habit of not backing up old work or saving it on obsolete technology like floppy disks. 

In April 2013, after realizing that a normal, quiet life wasn’t for me, I packed my car and moved to New York. It turned out to be the the biggest challenge I’ve had in a very long time. It was like waking up suddenly after spending an entire weekend Netflix binge-watching in bed only to realize there was a test covering my entire life. It was hard like untangling your hair after neglecting it for weeks is hard. 

Making a life in New York has forced me to apply every social work, survival, budgeting, group dynamics, networking, and critical thinking skill I’ve had at my disposal. I strongly believe that there’s no way I could’ve done this before. I simply wasn’t ready.

After much encouragement from the friends I’ve made here, I started writing about that first year finding a home in New York. And so this blog became The New York Diaries. My journey was far from easy, and at times my decisions were deeply flawed and naive. As much as I wish some (okay, many) things had happened differently, it got me to where I am, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

All of the work you see here is either mine or something I’ve been featured in. Some is still evolving and being edited over time. All is deeply personal. 

Go to The New York Diaries and read more about my journey and if you have any feedback, email me at ladysweetface(a)